A successful business need a suitable structure, robust financial strength, strategic planning and ongoing monitoring. In THN, we can guide you through all the areas so that you can focus on your business without juggling with the cash flow, legal, insolvency, etc issues.


  • Structure Advise and SetupAn appropriate structure not only form a strong legal protection but also to be tax effective. We are experienced in this advice. We form company, partnership and trust structure for clients.


  • Financial Heath CheckWe look at the debt level and check the liquidity of the business. We prevent business from insolvency via supervising their financial health and provide adaptable solution.


  • Management ReportWe provide budget and forecast report service to make no surprise to your business. We also provide the profit and loss report to analysis the business performance.


  • Cash Flow MonitoringBy reviewing the cash flow report and scrutinize the debtor and creditor accounts, we monitor and project the cash flow for you.


  • Business planningBusiness planning is crucial to the success of a business. We assist and provide ongoing business planning to our business clients.


  • Assets ProtectionWe provide assets protection through legal structure and advance strategic planning.


  • Business acquisition and disposingWe assist the business acquisition and disposing by providing the due diligence service and justify the valuation of business.