Being in the public practice for over a decade, we are familiar with all tax regimes relating to both business and individuals. In THN, we spend hundreds hours every year to do the tax research and keep update with the latest ruling and reform. Therefore, we can apply the new tax ruling to our clients so they won’t be disadvantaged by the obsolete legislation. Nevertheless, the differentiation of our service is we not just stop at the compliance work but make tax planning to minimize our client’s tax liability.


  • Income Tax ReturnWe don’t miss any deduction and offset so we can maximize the individual tax refund. We also expertise in coping with complex tax return for company, trust and partnership.
  • BAS or IAS LodgmentWe deal with GST issues including retail, hospitality, import and export, education, medical, etc industry; Fuel tax credit issue, mining, tourism, etc industry; PAYG withholding and instalment.


  • Capital Gain Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax, Land Tax and Stamp DutyBuying, selling and keeping assets such as property might involve Capital Gain Tax, Land Tax and Stamp Duty. Fringe benefit tax can be incurred when employer provide benefit to employee in place of salary or wages. We have sophisticated experience in these regimes.
  • Tax PlanningDuring the years of public practice, we find tax planning is an efficient way to legally cut down client’s tax payment. A good tax planning needs the full picture of the client even their family. Our boutique approach enable us to create a friendly communication environment and tailor the planning for each client.


  • Non-resident Tax IssuesNo matter you are a multi-national organisation or an individual holding significant investor visa or tempera visa such as 188, 457, 820 etc, we have enormous experience in these areas.


  • Payroll Tax and End of Year PAYG summaryWe advise on employer’s payroll tax obligation and serve for end of year employee PAYG summary and statement.